The House (500- Words)

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The neighborhood was very busy at this hour; it was easy for the man to watch the house inconspicuously. And he had to move away in short time as there were other streets to cover before evening.

She came out to buy vegetables from the vendor. As she reentered the house she saw it.

This was going too far. The young men renting the room on the floor above had to be called and roundly ticked off, first in the morning. It spoiled the look of the stately house and, importantly, it would depress the rent the other rooms to be let out would fetch with prospects. Not that she was hard up for this income.

Draping the full-length balcony hand-rails lining the front, their clothes were hung out to dry, making an unseemly mish-mash of a facade for all to see. It had to be stopped forthwith. She was going to be quite firm – they must walk up to the clothesline specially fixed up for them at the back of the house.

It was true she needed her tenants, more to save the house from decay thru disuse.  Also it was good to have them around to run occasional errands for her. Even the downside – the problems they caused for her every day – in fact worked out to be an upside; sorting them out left her with little time to brood on her loneliness and life at large. She did have her hours of quiet when they went out to work during the day.

From the meager purchases, she must be cooking for one – just herself – he guessed. Did not see anyone else come and go. The house had the air of old money. It would be all quiet on sun-down with the shops on either side closing down. Just the kind of house he loved visiting mid-night. A real cinch, it was.

There was no need to look any further. Quite pleased with himself, he could have even hummed his favorite tune and not earned a frown from his brotherhood. He turned homewards – there was time yet for a refreshing nap. The job called for more than a tired body and mind.

Just then, perchance he looked up and his gaze fell on them.

‘Oh, s##t, he muttered to himself. ‘What bl##dy luck! I might have walked right into a crowd.’

It was those clothes in plural, flapping spasmodically in the breeze, from the balcony rails, like freshly netted fish in death throes…




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3 Responses to The House (500- Words)

  1. theotheri says:

    I guess it’s a safety principle the world over. Right now in our little English village we are enduring an unusual spate of burglaries, and the advice is to do whatever you can to make your house look occupied — when you are out, leave lights, the radio, even tv on. Hang clothes out to dry wasn’t on the list — but it’s a good one. I’ll remember that.

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