Breaking A Windfall


A ninety year-old man was a regular buyer of lottery tickets though he had never won even a ‘all tickets containing the digits…’

In a scene routinely played, the seller would tease him: ’Dada, what are you going to with all that money when you win? Your children are already rolling in moola.

With a twinkle in his eyes he would seriously respond in a conspiratorial voice: ‘You wait and see ‘I’ve my ideas.’

One morning there was a knock at the door and it was the ticket seller, all excited.

He was ushered in by the son. The old man was still in his bed.

‘So, what’s the matter?’ The son never liked his old man hobnobbing with this guy.

‘OMG, I don’t even know how to…’

‘Well, in the case you can come back again when you’re ready, eh?’

‘You wont speak so if you know…’

‘Yes?’ the son was impatient getting late for his work.   .

‘He has won the bumper prize of Rupees 5 crores in the Christmas/New-Year draw of state lottery!!’

Well, this was something else. The world be damned this morning.The family huddled together on how to break this out-of-the-blue stroke of luck to him. It wasn’t going to be easy. The man was a chronic BP patient. God knows how he would take it. He might even just collapse.

So they decided to consult his family doctor.

The doctor sounded quite equal to the situation: ‘Not to worry. It’s very easy thing – stand aside and watch me do it.’

The doctor came in after the old man had his afternoon nap and was in good spirits.

He put the man at ease saying he was in the neighborhood on some errand and that’s when he decided to drop in for a few minutes with him. He wasn’t even carrying his bag with him. It wasn’t an official visit.

They chatted about this and that, falling value of money, rising inflation, the old man mainly doing the talking. The doctor patiently listened to the views of the old man throwing in some inane remarks of encouragement from time to time.

On a pause, the doctor broke in, in a manner of seamlessly continuing the conversation on current financial matters:

‘Sir, here’s a question for you. I’m asking you and this is purely hypothetical, mind you, what would you do if you happen to win a bumper lottery prize? Could be a few crores of rupees, you know.’

After a few moments of silence, the old man broke into a smile: ’And you think, Doctor, this man would be stumped? Wrong, Sir, very wrong.  I’ve thought enough about it and I’ve clear plans.’

‘So what would it be, Sir? Mind you this is all hypothetical.’

‘If you could kindly stop bringing up that ‘hypothetical’ crap? Well, that done, let’s now get down to business.’

This was moving in the right direction much faster than the doctor had expected. He threw a triumphant glance furtively at the son who was trying his best to become the ‘fly on the wall’ in the proceedings.

‘You know, Doctor, I see a divine hand in winning this bumper lottery. Nothing less.’

After a moment of solemn contemplation, he continued: ‘Whatever I’m, I’m not ungrateful. So let me start with an act of charity or public service. Hey, that reminds me, Doctor, didn’t you mention about this new hospital of yours coming up at…I forget the place…wherever?’

‘Yes, Sir, a mile away from the railway station on the other side.’

‘Okay, promise me to keep a couple of beds free for the poor and I’ll throw in a crore.’

There was a sudden commotion. Did all this talk and excitement over his ‘imagined’ win make the old man to finally keel over?

Ambulance was called and he had to be rushed to the emergency ward.

It took two weeks, all of it, for the doctor to be back on his feet again.





Source: www and image from openclipart (johnny_automatic)


6 Responses to Breaking A Windfall

  1. SRKannan says:

    Thank you for not killing the doc.

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  2. rajinani says:

    Wonerful one Raghu.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. namitasunder says:

    thats such a superb twist.

    Liked by 1 person

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