long wait for horrorimo 17 @writerdiefiction.wordpress.com

A short piece from this prolific writer with an unexpected end:

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal


“I would not have taken that road if I was you!” a voice startled him, Rajdeep turned to face an old man standing at his home’s gate.

“Why?” he asked, “It is so … serene and beautiful!”

“It is alright during daytime but the dusk is gathering, soon it will be night. a chudail- an evil female spirit roams on this road, luring the travelers to death!”

Rajdeep inched closer curious to hear more.

The man opened the gate and they sat down on his garden bench.

“Ten years or so ago a young woman of this area fell in love with a soldier, he left her, with a child in womb. She killed herself, jumped into a well at the end of this road, that is where she drowns everyone who trespasses that stretch of road after nightfall.”

“Oh!” Rajdeep said and got up to leave.

“You don’t believe…

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  1. glad that you liked it so much Raghu! it means a lot! 🙂

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