Got It?


Stop Blaming USA for Everything!

Stop Blaming USA for Everything!


Blue-Ribbon-shorter-post. rmabry.blogspot comIt’s a blue-ribbon self-deprecatory humor, I suspect.

Think about it before you get offended!

Pls see the comment for my take on it.





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13 Responses to Got It?

  1. tskraghu says:

    I think it is about inadequate knowledge or lack of interest of the oft-cited stereotype (in US) of places outside his home, town, state and US. The references to data must be bogus.


  2. theotheri says:

    One of the things I’ve learned as a researcher is, whenever possible, to read the original research. Even as a graduate assistant researcher at Columbia, I saw how one can fiddle results. It doesn’t necessarily require outright fraud, but it’s possible to remove section of data that don’t fit one’s original hypotheses or even political or religious beliefs.

    Coincidentally, the post I am currently writing for my own blog is about the purportedly almost miraculous effects of curcumin, based on data from India.

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  3. theotheri says:

    Of course. And these days, I think sometimes that humor is humanity’s last saving grace!

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    • tskraghu says:

      The appeal, to me, is in its subtlety and indirectness – misleading like one of those riddles.


      • theotheri says:

        Yes, yes, yes. Though I admit that if it were not for your initial comment with the post, I might have missed it. (I’d like to say I must be slowing down with old age — but then perhaps I’ve always been a little slow on the subtle uptake…)


    • tskraghu says:

      American humor is a ceaseless wonder for me – its spontaneity and imaginative expression And self-deprecation. Back home we’re good on current topics.


      • theotheri says:

        Your take on the spontaneity & expression of American humor sounds a little like my experience of English humor. Though I think the English may be better at the clever put-down of the other than at self-deprecation.

        You are making me very curious about your humor “back home.” I think the number of your compatriots whom I have known over the years have tended to be serious earnest types rather like myself. I’m afraid I must look to others to supply me with the wisdom inherent in a good dose of humor. Which, of course, is one of the things I so appreciate about many of your posts. Have I ever said thank you for that? 🙂


      • tskraghu says:

        🙂 U are right – we guys are generally serious. Though we do have our stereotypes too. The jokes in mags are funny only when on current events.

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  4. tskraghu says:

    🙂 I too was clued into it by a lone user comment. Even now it ‘s only a surmise if that was meant.


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