The Lesson…Of A Lifetime

Both my sons enjoy playing chess. Largely self taught, my young Rooks will challenge one another with the tool disguised as a game that has been used for generations to teach the strategies of war,…

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4 Responses to The Lesson…Of A Lifetime

  1. tskraghu says:

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  2. theotheri says:

    I can only express my admiration of your parenting practices. But isn’t there a Part II to the lesson? The Bishop and Queen have not dropped out of existence. Wasn’t there a place for helping your son learn to look for the lost pieces? Because there inevitably comes a time in life when we inadvertently (or maybe even deliberately) do something that damages a relationship, our freedom, or one of the other things which you point out are so important.

    And there is a time, then, when it is not inappropriate to try to make amends. Sometimes the damage is permanent, and the “bishop and queen” cannot be found. But it isn’t always so. Sometimes that is when one can learn something about oneself, about the other, and may end up with a relationship that is richer, more mature, than before. Personally, I cannot imagine a marriage, for instance, in which a process somewhat like that must occur again & again.

    Fascinating blog. I’d be interested to hear your further thoughts.


  3. tskraghu says:

    I haven’t yet figured out the mechanics of ‘reblog’. Not sure if the author is made aware of this view from you for her to respond.

    My own two cents: Often we dont pay heed to the sentiments or at least recognize it and handle it with due regard in a relationship. In a parent-child relationship, the right perspective does not dawn until after the child becomes a parent. Late in the day:-(

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  4. chess was once my hobby too.

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