Plane Crash (101 Words)

Author: Barry O’Farrell


 Atlantic Airways Flight 670  the aircraft wreckage with parts of the approach lighting system in the foreground..png

The debris of our plane wreck is scattered across the snow-covered mountain top like a giant scar.

Day 10, we are now twenty-two survivors. Day 15, eleven. The wind is unrelenting, the cold unbearable. We are freezing.

To survive we make a profound decision as a group, cannibalism. Reluctantly we feed on the fleshy parts of those passengers who died in the crash. We hope this will keep us alive. We pray their ghosts will forgive us. We hope society will understand.

Day 20, someone broke open the trolleys in the galley. We stooped to the unthinkable and ate airline meals. MEALS TROLLEY







Source: and images from Wiki and


4 Responses to Plane Crash (101 Words)

  1. Kannan says:

    Your airline of travel on 2nd have been duly informed (snitched) for necesary (in)action

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  2. oldpoet56 says:

    Well written, good work.

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