Richly Poor

I let my mind wander during one of those program-breaks filled with interminable series of ad’s. Can you really fault me for coming up with this?

” The school principal had asked her to meet him in his office.

She checked with the boy if he had any mischief in the class, if any his teachers were unhappy with him for whatever reason.

The boy was equally clueless. And he was one to hide it from her.

With great trepidation, on the following day she made it to the Principal’s office.

Within a few minutes of wait she was called in.

The Principal, a white-haired stern looking man, peered at her from behind thick glasses that had slipped down to rest halfway on his nose, and gestured her to take the seat in front of him..

‘I’m sorry, I’ve some bad news for you.’


‘Yes, we’re forced to withdraw the assistance extended to your boy so far as well as the fee-waiver.’

She was shell-shocked. After a little while she mustered enough courage to ask:

‘Is there a problem? If my boy has done anything wrong, I’ll get him to apologize and make amends. And I assure you there would be no recurrence`

‘No. M’m the problem is not with the boy,’


‘You’ve made false declarations on your income.’


‘It is clearly indicated by the facts before us.’

She warmed up a little ‘under her collar’: ‘What is it?’

‘The teachers have reported the boy is wearing new clothes everyday. And I’ve no reason not to believe them. How could one afford…’

‘New clothes? What are they talking about? He has only three sets of school-uniforms that he rotates.’

Clothing-300px openclipart GDJ

The Principal was silent. He did not want to accuse her outright of lying. He let the silence speak for itself.

The frown on her face suggested she was desperately rummaging for an explanation. More than one teacher had made the observation. Not all of them could be mistaken.

‘Ah, that must be it,’ she said to herself. Suddenly she relaxed and burst out laughing: ‘I know what it is.’

The Principal showed mild irritation. How could she counter or explain it away?

‘So what is it?’

‘You see, recently…’

It took a while for the words to sink in.

The Principal’s face slowly morphed into a big smile.

‘Am sorry to have caused you much anguish, though for a short while…I knew all along, there must be an explanation.’


If you haven’t already guessed the mother’s explanation, it’s in the ‘Comments’.





Source: (GDJ)


11 Responses to Richly Poor

  1. tskraghu says:

    ‘You see, recently I changed to the new ‘Fabrich’ they talk so much about. And it surprised me too to see the clothes look as good as new!’



  2. Nithya says:


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  3. SRKannan says:

    Back to your own. Pl continue

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  4. Sanjay Deshmukh says:

    To be frank, the thought ‘bhalaa uski kameez meri kameez se safed kaise’ kind of thought did come to mind. Raghu, you always bring to us some rare gems.

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