I met a butterfly last night
She came unknown with no warning and signal
With her cupid struck heart and heavenly colours bright
I welcomed her with a smile on my face causing those dimples

She sat on my lap and the silence took over our heartbeat
We talked alot in the dark and in those silence
Slowly, I lost my mind as she wrenched my heart in her fleets
And running away leaving me alone in this hypnotic trance

This morning is so bright but slow as it never pass
Soon to see her again, smell her Strawberry’s and feel burning red cheeks
Get drunk by her beauty again as it surpass
The hungover which still resides in me from last week

I wish she could stay for more time
As she flickers her tender wings to leave me
Swiftly flying aloft by repeating the same crime
Leaving me…

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One Response to Butterfly

  1. this is amazing! so very beautiful.


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