(Background: This must be read in the Indian context where marriages are arranged by the parents. Though this practice on its way out)

Kaliedoscpe cover-kisay-hum-apna-kahein-ebuzztoday

Gloom filled the house like someone had died. Why not? The marriage was all fixed up, relatives and friends were informed. And the girl goes missing, not a word with anyone, only a note.

On the morning of the fourth day after: a knock at the door. The kid opened the door and screamed in glee:

‘Ayyah, akka vandhutta!’ (Sister has returned).

The girl let herself pulled by her kid sister into the hall.

The parents and her brother quickly gathered around her.

Father breathing fire: ‘Why have you come now? To check if we’re still alive?’

Inconsolable mother: ‘What happened to you, foolish girl?’

Brother: ‘Such a loss of face for me at my office…because of her…everyone inquiring in mock sympathy…’

Father: ‘Do you realize there’s one more girl to be married off in this house after you?’

Mother, hopefully: ‘Easy, easy. Enough of scolding. She has realized her mistake and come back. Let’s forget it ever happened.’

The girl purposefully punched her way through and headed for the room she shared with her sister.

‘Hey, where do you think you’re going?’

The girl turned around facing them squarely: ’I came to collect the charger.’


The message: China mobile works for three days without recharging.

Well, I didn’t see it coming! Did you?



Source: Image from kisay-hum-apna-kahein-ebuzztodayebuzztoday



2 Responses to ADrama

  1. theotheri says:

    No, I absolutely didn’t see it coming. I suppose it depends on your perspective if you consider it a happy ending. As you might guess, I tend to think it’s a good move – with hopes for the future. It wouldn’t be easy, would it?

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