The Best Date Ever

Momus News

Photo by: Matthew Wright

Laila was smart and gentle, and more sexy than she realized. Joshua pursued her for months, trying to get her out on a date. Her refusals were never harsh, rather they were subtly encouraging. She loved leading a merry chase.

Finally, the day came when she agreed to a date. Joshua had been planning for weeks in case she accepted, and he flawlessly put his ideas into action. They wandered through little-known places with all sorts of unusual sights and sounds. Laila was thrilled. She leaned against him affectionately and Joshua thought his heart might burst with joy.

Soon, they rounded a bend and Laila’s eyes snapped open wide. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes!” grinned Joshua, as they approached the fishing pier. “I hope you like fresh-caught food.”

“Oh yes! I love it!” squealed Laila.

“Look at that one,” said Joshua as he…

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