Don’t Discount Your Blessings

On a Sunday morning, somehow John found himself in one of those highly televised shows where the man in robes lets forth some high decibel invocations, creating all around awe and fog (fear of god), lays his hands on the blind and the blind sees, lays his hands on a cripple and the cripple sashays, lays his hands on a dumb and the dumb bursts forth in mellifluous voice etc. etc.

Just when John was rubbing himself in the calves to relieve cramps from sitting to long, it so happened the eyes of the man in the robes surveying his audience caught a discomfited John. And he beckoned him to come onto the stage.

John made it with a limp.

When John’s turn came and the hands were on him, he spoke softly to the man in the robes: ‘Sir, I’m not paralyzed.’

The invocations continued without a break.

After trying for a second time to set the record straight, John gave in.

When the invocations were completed, the man in the robes declared: ‘You were limping before, my friend, now you shall walk forth from here.’

John was cheered as he slowly walked his way back to his seat with the cramps gone.

He stayed back for a few more minutes before making for the exit.

He reached the parking lot.

Argentina Strike

It was a good ten minutes after, he walked forth from thereto report a stolen car.

Credits: (Harry) and


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