The Making Of A Brand

A marketing guy accosts a chap as part of his field work:

‘Which shaving cream do you use?’


‘Which aftershave do you use?’


‘Which deodorant do you use?’

‘Of course, Baba’s.’

‘Which toothpaste do you use?’

‘Need I tell you? It’s Baba’s.’

‘Which shampoo do you use?’

‘Nothing but Baba’s.’

Completely vexed, the marketing guy inquires:

‘Okay, tell me, What is this Baba? Is it an international company???’


‘No, He is my roommate.’


Credits: and image from the net.


8 Responses to The Making Of A Brand

  1. Michelle says:

    LOL! I wasn’t expecting that answer. Funny!


  2. SRKannan says:

    Very good. I was expecting Baba to mean ‘dad’, having often lost my favourite shirts to my son. Seriously, is there not a Baba brand?


    • tskraghu says:

      Google threw up a number of “baba’ brands mainly in food and apparel sectors. Just as with the father as u have pointed out, it is also associated with the young.


  3. simply amazing! BTW i want your email id, write me a mail pleeeeeeeeez in


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