You Know Why Beauty Is Ephemeral?

Four weeks ago, a conversation with my daughter soon after her return to Dallas.

‘Appa’ give me some time. I’ll send across all the snaps you took in Lonavala.’
‘Take your time, dear. Am in no hurry…’

Three weeks ago:

‘Appa, I have sent you four mails each with four attachments. It is just like the way I’ve been sending you snaps of the kids. Click on the attachment and save it to your computer. Simple, just the way you have been doing all along.’

‘I thought there were some forty snaps I had taken with your iPad.’

‘Don’t worry, you get the first lot first. If there are no problems, I’ll send the rest the same way…’

Two weeks ago:

‘Appa, were you able to download the photos?’

‘Yes, dear, I got all of them all right. The shots look good…I meant to me at least. You could have deleted those few all-black shots taken indoors. How did you find them – the photos?’

‘Didn’t know you are such an ace with the camera. The flowers have come out so well. Lovely, especially those in white, yellow, red. Going to share them with my friends. You should do this more often. Who knows you might even win a prize in one of those contests.’

2014-06-25 07.00.20

‘Aren’t you laying it a little thick? Humoring your dad, is it?’

‘No, Appa, I’m serious…’


‘Appa, have you got all the snaps now in your computer?’

‘I’ve, dear though downloading them all took a while. Even showed them to your Mom. The pictures are very crisp.’

‘They’re high resolution pictures, Appa. The files are large, that’s why’

‘Though the colors are not as brilliant as I got them on the iPad. Must have taken you a lot of time doing all this.’

‘Not a bother…want to check with you – can I now remove them from the iPad?…’

No doubt she was serious.



4 Responses to You Know Why Beauty Is Ephemeral?

  1. namitasunder says:

    so like these kids……you store and keep safe it at your end….they need to move on…..


  2. tskraghu says:

    Had to: Yes, they move on..


  3. theotheri says:

    Oh do save this dialogue! Our generation won’t be around then, but in fifty years time, your daughter might have her own sons or daughters, and she’ll be getting messages just like this from them. They say the rich are different from us. But oh, so are the young. (So, no doubt, as were we.)


  4. tskraghu says:

    To be fair, must say they do make an attempt.



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