To Start At The Beginning…

Margaret Webb 08-29-2010 clker dot com

The Major had sent Faulkner to a workshop to hone up his skills in communication. A sure technique to keep the audience engaged until the end, Faulkner learnt, was to start at the beginning and build the tempo up in his story with no spoilers until the final denouement.

Weeks later:

Faulkner sat across from the Major, listening to the radio chatter. They were being informed, in real time, of the progress of Operation Flyswatter, the hunting down of rogue Special Forces officer Mike Kelley.

Faulkner began reading Kelley’s file to the Major for him to direct the sergeant out there in the field chasing down Kelly. The Major believed in using all available information effectively to make informed and intelligent decisions.

“Kelley, Michael. Age: 40. Height: 5′ 10.””

A voice spoke on the radio. It was the voice of the sergeant leading the platoon assigned for the operation:

“We’ve got Kelley in our sights, Major,” he said. “Visibility conditions extremely poor…switching to night vision.”

Faulkner continued reading Kelley’s file.

“Distinguishing characteristics: wears eyeglasses due to severe myopia.”

“Good,” the Major said. “Our boys should have him in a cinch.”

Sharp noises sounded from the radio.

“He’s firing…Our snipers are down, our snipers are down!” the sergeant yelled, his voice distorting.

“What in hell is going on over there?!” the Major asked.

There was no reply.

Faulkner read the next paragraph of Kelley’s file.

“LASIK surgery, five years ago. Outcome successful. Marksman training, three years. It seems he’s a crack shot, sir.”

The Major looked up slowly from the radio receiver.

“Thank you for keeping us up to speed, Faulkner.”

…May Not Always Be A Great Idea

End .

Credits: Adapted from (Alexis Kypridemos) and (Margaret Webb 08-29-2010)


3 Responses to To Start At The Beginning…

  1. ha! things dont always work out the way we plan them!


  2. namitasunder says:

    loved the way the story has been told……the punch is great


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