Would You Do It Differently?


The farmer whittled the stick as the tourist approached him.

‘How long to get to the nearest town, Mister?’ came the nasal enquiry from the rich tourist.

The farmer continued to whittle and started to whistle too.

‘I said how long to get to the nearest town?’

No reply. Just whistle and whittle.

‘Gee, man, I’ve been a walkin’ all day.

Couldn’t you just tell me how…aw heck, what’s the use,’ and the tourist walked away from the farmer in disgust.

He had gone about a hundred yards when the farmer called him back.

Exasperated, the tourist returned.

‘It will take you about an hour,’ said the farmer.

‘Gee, thanks. But why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?’

‘Had to see how fast you could walk first,’ said the farmer.

Credits: jokefortoday.wordpress.com (Harry Mullan) and openclipart


One Response to Would You Do It Differently?

  1. intelligent guy 🙂


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