A Strange Affliction In Moments Of Intimacy

Caution: Adult content and graphic images

The nurse helped Mr. Wilson wobble his way to the patient’s seat, his cane safely set by his side.
He waited for the nurse to step out closing the door behind her.

‘Doctor, I don’t know how to tell you this…’

‘Yes,’ encouraged the kind-faced doctor.

‘It’s like this. Some days ago, we were seeing this afternoon movie on the TV. I got carried away, took missus in my arms and…kissed her.’

‘Perfectly natural for a happy couple, I would say.’

‘It is not that, Doctor. ‘

‘What then?’

‘When we pulled away, I was shivering like I was in Arctic. Something never happened before…I forgot all about it until it happened again.’

The doctor bade him with his eyes to elaborate.

‘Some days ago – can’t quite recall exactly how it happened – I kissed her again. And this time I broke into streaming sweat. Didn’t look ok at all to me. That’s when I said I must bring this up to you.’

‘You did the right thing, Mr. Wilson,’ the generous doctor giving credit where it’s due.

After a pause, it struck him the ball was now lobbed onto his court and it was his turn. The honest doctor seemed to rake his brains for a while before candidly admitting:

‘Strange, very strange. Never had a case like this before in my living memory.’

He again went back to exercising his brain cells desperately with Mr. Wilson looking intently at him like he wanted to catch a hen in the act of laying an egg.

Minutes slipped by. Finally the doctor conceded defeat:

‘I say this again – it’s dashed strange. Need a bit of time to check out the documented history of medical cases and also with some of my peers. Do call on me in a couple of days – I’ll have something definite for you.’

So it happened a couple of days later, Mr. Wilson returned, this time accompanied by his wife – a woman by appearance given to taking charge of any scene she was in.

It was plain from the doctor’s demeanor he was not successful in his efforts so far. In a last-ditch attempt to keep the show going, he retraced the highlights of the case as he had heard from Mr. Wilson and asked the wife what she thought of it.

Mr. Wilson was stirred: ‘Doctor, you don’t believe me that you are checking with my missus?’

‘It’s not like that, Mr. Wilson. Many a times women observe those small things we men tend to overlook. That’s why…please don’t get offended.’

‘You mean this dear old coot here brought this up to check with you? Didn’t say a word to me,’ glowered the wife half rising from her seat disregarding her joints groaning from the effort.

Mr. Wilson withered under her unwavering gaze.

Not one to seek confirmation she rolled on: ‘It was the time of Christmas at sub-zero, when it happened first. When he did it again, it was scalding summer frying onions for free.’

‘Now,’ she fixed the doctor with her glare, ‘if there’s more to it, Doctor, won’t you let’s know?’

With that she stomped out from the Doctor’s room dragging with her Mr. Wilson still trying to figure out, in the manner of a reluctant child being taken to school.

Credits: Somewhere on the internet, openclipart (MoSelf_Doctor and faltige_frau)


One Response to A Strange Affliction In Moments Of Intimacy

  1. poor woman! this is what i will say sharing your private life in public! poor old lady!


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