Who Ever Said Honesty Doesn’t Pay?

John found the printouts coming out of his computer printer faded and difficult to read.

He checked the yellow pages and located a local store.

His call was answered by a friendly guy on fourth ring. John explained his problem.

A friendly voice at the other end: ‘Ya, I know how it is. Your printer needs to be cleaned up and nothing more. You bring it here, we charge you fifty dollars.’

‘Did I hear fifty dollars?’

‘Ya, you heard it right, friend.’

‘That’s pretty steep.’

‘You know we have salaries to pay, rent…those are our standard chages.’

‘Can’t to you make it for less? You see the printer is only an year old.’

‘Have you kept the instruction manual handy – the one that came with the printer?

‘Yes, I’ve it.’

‘Then you may be better off doing it yourself. It’s all nicely explained in the manual. People do it by themselves. ‘Go for it.’

‘Well that’s swell. Thank you.’

John could not contain himself: ‘Listen, my friend, you’ve been very helpful and thank you again. Are you the boss there?’

‘No, I work here.’

‘Does your boss know you’re actually driving ready business out through the front-door?’

‘Ya, he does.’

‘He is okay with it?’

‘Tell you, it’s his idea.’

Antoine personnage_laptop

‘That’s one kind of a boss I’ve ever heard off.’

‘Ya, he knows them. It happens all the time.’

‘And, what happens all the time?’

The voice turned conspiratorial: ‘Between us?’

‘Why, sure.’

‘We make more money this way when we encourage them to fix it first all by themselves.’

Credits: openclipart(nicubunu, Antoine)


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