Butter Half

Mary and John managed the small street-corner store selling daily needs. John took care of the customers walking in while Mary sat in a tiny back-office worrying about home-service, bills and supplies.

It was around noon when an agitated John came up to Mary:

‘This bloke comes in dressed in polka-dotted shirt and red cap and insists on buying half-a-pound butter.’

Anonymous_Butter Franck Doucet

‘Didn’t you tell him we sell only in one-pound bricks?’

‘I did. But this pig-headed coothe wouldn’t listen.’

Just then Mary saw a red cap appearing behind John.

Seeing Mary looking behind him, John turned around and was horrified to see the man.

John froze without a word.

Mary: ‘We don’t sell butter in half bricks, but we’ll make an exception this time. Please go ahead and give the old coot what he wants. And, John, you were saying this gentleman here wants to buy the other half?’

Credits; funfunky.com, openclipart (Franck Doucet)


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