Sow Melon Reap Melon…And Some

A farmer in the country had a watermelon patch and upon inspection, he discovered that some of the local kids had been helping themselves to a feast. He continued to lose the fruits whenever they were ripe and ready.

It was impractical to keep a constant watch over the watermelons.

After considerable racking of his brain, he came up with an ingenious scheme.

The following day, there was a sign-board planted in the patch.

And it read ‘Warning – one of these watermelons contains cyanide.’


The following day saw no fruits taken. The farmer was mighty pleased with his idea.

Until he saw a barely legible scrawl on the sign-board under his warning message.

It read: ‘Now you have two of them.’

Credits: openclipart (pasteque)


5 Responses to Sow Melon Reap Melon…And Some

  1. Jai Shankar says:

    Good one so what should the farmer do?


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