A Perfect Murder


Barely an hour had passed when

The door opened – she walked in unhurriedly.

I sat up.

‘We need to talk,’ she said softly.

I knew it won’t stay soft for long.

‘Your mom has no conscience.’

I was ready for the rant – these things are so predictable.

The voice rose:

‘You work so hard to provide good care for her. And what does she do? She wants to will away one half – yes, one half to your dear brother. What does he do for her? He comes down just once a year for a couple of days to be with her – that too in our house. As far as I can recall, he has never ever offered to take her with him to Delhi. To him she wants to give away half of all. Has she gone blind? Now, why are you looking at me like stricken fish?’


I sat there frozen. She was such a sweet girl. Didn’t know there was so much bitterness in her.

Memories filled my mind of the happy times we – my brother and I – had in the company of our parents.

Lack of response in no way stemmed her flow.

‘I’m going to fix it before she signs away. She climbs the stairs up and down so many times in a day. It won’t be difficult at all for me to help her come tumbling down. You coward, you can stay away from all this. All I’m asking you is not to come in my way.’

She had this devilish gleam in her eyes. The criminal streak revealed for the first time.

‘She already has a history of falls. Has been quite lucky so far, this time she won’t be. Don’t look like a toad in a snake’s mouth. There will be no whiff of suspicion. I’ll see to it.’

My mouth was parched and heart racing.

She appeared to be made of stronger stuff, not to be dissuaded from what she set out to do.

No saying what would happen next.

I grabbed my wife’s hands in mine and said: ‘Look, I can’t take any more of this. You stay right here – I need to step out for a while.’

I got up and carefully made my way to the coffee machine at the snacks counter on the outside.


Credits: openclipart.com and free-graphics.com


One Response to A Perfect Murder

  1. this is really, really scary!


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