Worrying Your Forgets

OldLady J

When I was visiting my seventy-year old aunt, she was not her usual spirited self, looking worried and pale.

‘What’s the matter? You don’t look yourself, my dear, ’I inquired solicitously.

‘Sweet of you to have asked. It’s really nothing. ’

I was not easily thrown off. When I persisted,

‘You know, it’s just that I forget things.’

‘Why, that’s nothing to worry about, it’s quite normal. In fact you’re doing a lot better than most of your peers.’

My last observation about her peers put her at some ease encouraging her to unwind:

‘You know, yesterday, I went to the club as I do on Thursdays. The girls were there and we had a few rounds of cards and then a three-course dinner.’

‘That’s swell.’

‘When it was over, Marie – you remember her? The one with a slight limp – she was good enough to drop me home.’

‘Yes, I remember her. Nice of her.’

‘I had my usual cup of hot chocolate and went straight to bed.’

‘Slept well?’

‘Like a log. The sun was way up when I woke this morning. Had a hearty breakfast. And here I’m.’

‘Nothing amiss here. So what’s this about forgetting things? You didn’t put sugar in the tea? Or, you didn’t lock the doors for the night? That’s a little serious.’

She stared at me for a while and said: ‘Silly, you need to get examined by a doc now.’

Why, in the world, should I see a doc? We were on the subject of her evening out yesterday and her forgetting things. Perhaps this was the problem she had alluded to. But it was no big deal – nothing really to worry. Dropping the thread – happened to all of us.’

Gently trying to get her back on the track, I said: ‘You know we were talking about

‘I perfectly remember what we are talking about and I’m right about you seeing a doc.’


‘You’re not registering things in your tiny head. That’s why. Figure it out if you can: Why should Marie drop me home when earlier in the evening I had driven to the club in my car?’


Credit: ybored.com and openclipart.com


5 Responses to Worrying Your Forgets

  1. gopal says:

    That was a good one Raghu..enjoyed it..had to read through a second time though


  2. oops! loved it raghu!


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