If This Doesn’t Wash Away Your Monday Blues…

The Tale Of An Unlucky Survivor


A premier news channel gets news that 100 sardars are killed in a horrendous train accident at Amritsar railway station with a solitary sardar surviving the disaster.

The correspondent finds him and asks, “Sardarji, you have a charmed life. How did this happen?”

Sardarji: “Oh ji pucho mat. Sab kuch sahi tha, sab log platform par khade gaadi ki wait kar rahe they. Achanak announcement hui ki Shatabdee Express platform #2 par aa rahi hai. Jaise hi sab ne suna ki gaddi PLATFORM PAR aa rahi hai, sab log apni jaan bachane ke liye patri par kood gaye. Aur tabhi gaddi patri par aa gayi.”

(English) “Oh Sir, don’t ask. Everything was going fine, everyone was standing on the platform waiting for the train. All of a sudden, an announcement came through that Shadabdi Express was coming on platform #2. When everyone heard the train was coming ON PLATFORM #2 they all jumped on to the tracks to save their lives. And then the train arrived on the tracks mowing down everyone.”

Correspondent: “Thank God. Aap ne samajhdari dikhayee. Aap patri par nahin koode.”

(English) “Thank God. You alone showed presence of mind and did not jump on to the tracks.”

Any guesses what was Sardarji’s reply? Read on.

Sardarji: “oe nahin ji, main to suicide karne ke liye patri par hi leta tha. Jaise hi announcement hui main to platform par chad gaya.”

(English) “Oh, no, Sir. I was lying down on the tracks only with the intention of committing suicide. As soon as I heard the announcement,so I jumped onto the platform.”


Credits: funfunky.com and funonthenet.com

PS: I tried to redact this piece without any stereotypes and fully in English. It was like food without salt. So I went back to what it was with the Hindi/Punjabi stuff translated as closely as possible into English. I submit there is no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments.


6 Responses to If This Doesn’t Wash Away Your Monday Blues…

  1. Kannan says:

    Unbeatable Sardars. What is the genesis of the prepondrance of Sardar jokes? Any chance, they themselves are the creators having a great sense of humour?


  2. Shyam Maheshwari says:

    One of my Sardar Friends tells jokes on Sardars and feels thrilled to entertain people. One of his jokes is that two Sardars were playing chess…..


  3. Buvana says:

    Balle balle!


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