More For Less

Cauliflower, 30 rupees a piece

 in the size of an incandescent bulb.

For 28, a kilo of tomatoes, please,  

in anemic red and some oozing pulp.

A perfectly withered and lean bunch

of humble spinach, at 10 each.


As I came out light with the bag

and much lighter in the wallet,

spotted him and his wares set on a rag.

No overheads, vending on the street,

lowest prices – no surprise there, this jig.  

For just two bucks what did I get?

None of those measly kilos, here.

An ample seventy two kilos, hear?


Falling off your chair?

‘Lucky you!’ did you say?

‘How did I cart all of it back?’ you wonder?

Well, I just walked back all the way,

carrying the bag, dragging those kilos, in despair.

For sure it ruined my day.

It was the street vendor




rather, his blighted weigh-scale.


Credit: (qubodup)


3 Responses to More For Less

  1. Kannan says:

    Welcome back Raghu. I thought you would have been happier at getting, as usual, less than the usual for the two rupees.


  2. Good one Raghu. Please keep writing.


  3. sounds like my shopping expedition too!


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