What’s Your Religion?

It was clear something bothered the man.

The Guru called him to his side and asked:

‘You want to tell me something?’

‘Yes…I have to confess, I’m not religious.’

‘That’s not unusual.’

‘So much disease, deprivation, hate, chicanery, crime, and wars… killing innocents all around.


‘Not sure if anyone is in charge here. This cannot be god’s – if there’s one – creation. I don’t believe in god, worship or prayer.’

‘You’ve a point.’

‘I don’t believe in karma and rebirth…and, in swarga (heaven), narak (hell) or moksha (eternal salvation). Life is here and now. Who has seen after-life?’

‘So much you don’t believe in. You believe in anything…anything at all?’

‘Not sure if I do. With so much suffering, inequities…’

‘Alright – is there anything you want to believe in?’

‘Well, if you put it that way…in goodness of man, perhaps, whatever is left.’

‘That’s here, not other-worldly and a good enough religion to go after, my friend.’



7 Responses to What’s Your Religion?

  1. treegestalt says:

    “Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel”?


  2. tskraghu says:

    IT is information technology. In those days it went under computer engineering.

    Taught electronic circuits, boolean logic, calculus, software subjects…


    • treegestalt says:

      Yeah. I was taking something called “Computer Science” when I (unfortunately) got a job, which took me three years to escape. (But since the project I really wanted to work on was a program to play go, it wasn’t likely to fly on what we had in 1977!)


      • tskraghu says:

        I can imagine. Today, the interaction, the user experience, the speed of rendering images, crispness of images – never cease to amaze me compared to what we were struggling with then.


  3. amazing words of wisdom raghu. thats the religion we all should follow.


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