Addressee found!

As the Sun slipped down from the high skies,
they came in all shades and size, like fire-flies,
to the island of light, seeking divine help,
with flowers, fruits and oil for the lamp.
The clang of the bells and the loud chant,
prayers on the lips and wishes in the mind,

The mendicant pulled away in lonely silence.
towards the raucous bar at a distance.
The dented plate soon collected coins some
from the senseless men on their way home.
He said to no one:
’Wah re Bhagwan, teri leela ko samje khon,
patha dethe ho galath, mil jaate ho kahin aur!’

(*)’ Praise your inscrutable sense of humor, Lord.
You give out an address that’s incorrect
and meet up with me somewhere else.’

Credits: Inspired by a fwd from Gul.


One Response to Addressee found!

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    a harsh truth. amazing way of describing it.


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