It Doesn’t Always Pay Going To A Guru

Earlier in the day, his wife informed him about the arrival of the Guru at a premise nearby.

And here they were, after a wait, being ushered into his presence.

On a plate kept before the Guru, they placed their offerings of fruits, touched his feet and stood back respectfully.

The Guru said in a soft voice: ‘I’m sorry, I cannot raise my voice. You need to come closer.’

As they shuffled nearer to him, he fixed the man in a steady gaze for a few moments and spoke:

‘I see the lines of worry etched on your face. What is it?’

‘Guruji, in a couple of days, there is a draw in the state lottery. I need your blessings – the prize money is 50 lakhs of rupees. It’ll change our lives.’

‘Oh, that’s what it is, eh?’

The Guru saw an expression of concern on the wife’s face and signaled her to come forward.

‘And, what is it with you? You don’t appear too pleased.’

‘Guruji, kindly put some sense into this man. He spends more in buying these useless lottery tickets than on food, month after month. Hasn’t got a paisa out of it yet.’

‘Oh,’ the Guru was silent for a moment.

Breaking into an amused smile, the Guru went back to the man:

‘Well, unusual requests you have here. ‘If you win a bigger prize, would you mend your ways?’

The man did not take long to consider the proposition: ‘Why, Guruji, once is enough for me. I’m not greedy, as this lady here thinks… as long as it is not one of those bottom-of-the-list prizes.’

‘Fine, I’ve heard you. Now, go home and come back tomorrow morning….for some good news.’

On the following day, the man stood before the Guru.

‘Where’s your wife?’

‘She was not able to come – the chores in the house. I’m here.’

‘That’s a pity. Anyway, congratulations.’

‘Congratulations? I won? But the draw isn’t due until noontime tomorrow.’

‘But you’ve won a bigger prize today!’

‘I don’t understand, Guruji.’

‘Everyday, some 150,000 to 200,000 don’t get it. You have won the most precious prize today – the prize of life for one more day. And this prize is yours day after day while it lasts. Now, go and make the most of it.’

The man had to be gently helped out as the next man was ushered in.

As he was stepping out, the Guru said: ‘Do come back if you still wish for the bumper prize in the lottery – I might ask you to trade in your life.’
He regretted ever going up to the Guru. The words kept ringing in his head – he had to sort this matter out.



10 lakhs make a million. Paisa is the Indian penny. ‘Guruji’ is a reverential reference to a Guru.

Thanks to for the clipart.


2 Responses to It Doesn’t Always Pay Going To A Guru

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    i think the guru did the best for him, visiting him served him after all. 🙂


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