Pity Not For Me – A Riddle

Girls of the town drool more than envy.
Men with their wives eye me unabashedly,
at my purple Kanjeevaram with golden zari,
or at the black-on-vermillion bridal Bandhani,
Did I mention the Chandheri or the Paithani…?
A collection to last months, worn daily!
It’s hotly discussed, I overhear with glee,
if enchanting is the Saree or it’s the graceful me.
It isn’t easy to choose between us, I agree.
If joy forever a thing of beauty be,
what with two of us would you see?
Yet, my white knight, from here I cannot flee.
Ride away to your bed and board happily,
I’m to no man a queen, pity not for me.
You’re already clued on what could I be possibly ,
Read carefully, find me you would unfailingly.


Well, If you haven’t figured me out, I’m there among the ‘Comments’.

Kanjeevaram, Bandhani, Chandheri and Paithani are but a few of the limitless selection of graceful Saree’s available to the Indian women folk to drape themselves, each with a unique pedigree.

All photographs including Sneha’s and Kajal Agarwal’s are from the net.


3 Responses to Pity Not For Me – A Riddle

  1. tskraghu says:

    It’s given away in the third line from the last. Mannequin in a store-front, of course!


  2. Very striking women. And I think the Saree’s are so beautiful, and compliment the women. They look rather comfortable, too.


  3. Sharmishtha says:

    good one raghu. 🙂
    the shots are very beautifully selected.


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