To Be Or To Be

To be a doctor was my Dad’s dream.
A hospital of my own, his viruppam.
Obstetrics, orthopedics or oncology?
On which, to be fair, he was not too picky.

For my Mom, a singer of rare talent I was to be.
A maestro rhapsodizing in ragas and melody.
Reaching heights and winning medals,
Cutting CD’s, closing lucrative deals.

Cricket was my Uncle’s choice,
Fours and sixes were his shrieks of joy,
Another Kapil Dev, he clearly saw in me.
Or a wicket-keeper at least if that be.

My Grandpa was a man of Kadhi,
Never was one to listen to Dadhi,
Went to jail twice in times of Gandhi,
Wanted me to live for aam admi

The dear Dadhi was long gone.
Her wish was sadly never known:
A scholar in scriptures or a temple priest?
Perhaps a cop solving a scam or a heist?

Well, wishes and wishes… so many.
I’m glad I didn’t disappoint them any.
Before you think I’m off the rails now,
It’s all on stage with paint and powder, that’s how!


Viruppam is desire. Aam admi is common man. Kadhi is hand-woven fabric. Dadhi is grandmamma.


18 Responses to To Be Or To Be

  1. S R Kannan says:

    Excellent. Are there not times we all play out these acts to ourselves, wanting to be somebody else?


  2. tskraghu says:

    thanks Kannan for the encouragement. U are v right – behroopiyas.


  3. lynnette-net says:

    Oh man this is so cool! I mean the rhymes and literary devices you used! 🙂
    Do not be! Just be yourself 🙂 Like me!


  4. S Basu says:

    you did brought their dreams true, all of their dreams. 🙂

    fabulous poem raghu, just fantastic.


  5. Tino says:

    Another Kapil Dev huh, high aspirations indeed.

    An amusing insight into the hopes and dreams that our familes hold for us.


  6. Wonderful how acting fulfills everyone’s dreams. I enjoyed this a lot…wondering how you would turn out in the end. And also injoyed the foray into a bit of your culture. Thanks so much for sharing this with MMWP. Hope to see you again.


  7. mish says:

    Ah, family expectations… but all’s well that ends well.
    And thanks for the vocabulary lesson !


  8. Morning says:

    the words in the end is profound and playful.

    perfect humor entry.


  9. Neeks says:

    Nice, the ending really threw me. It was different, good post for Victoria’s writing prompt 🙂


  10. Bodhirose says:

    We can’t possibly live up to everyone’s hopes for us, can we. But through acting…yes! A wonderful outcome to this…very clever.


  11. Morning says:

    glad to see it relinking to Victoria’s prompt.


  12. I remember this from a while back, and it’s so perfect for the endings prompt. So grateful to you for linking it to Write2Day!


  13. zongrik says:

    it’s good you can fulfill everyone’s dreams

    spoiler alert


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