It Rained Today!

Well, this is what Silverstein does – making you think you too can do it! Though, there is no telling what happens thereafter:

It was in the Chemistry lab when the skies went to work.
Incessant rain beating down like a drummer gone berserk,
punching leaks in the ramshackle roof overhead,
grimy puddles on unwashed tiles like mold on bread.
Hissing acids, soapy solvents, potent powders plotting together,
could cause a fire that no rain or hose can douse ever.
Before a cut, a burn, a slip or, worse, an explosion,
we were ordered out in abundant caution.
No raincoat, no umbrella. As I stood under the awning,
sneezing and shivering, I couldn’t help wondering:
‘Watch both sides before crossing the street.’
‘Don’t accept from strangers however sweet.’
‘From road-side stall, don’t ever eat anything…’
Well, as regards me, my Dad misses out nothing.
But this deluge – he didn’t tell me a thing about.
Though, from morning,
laden clouds and flightless birds said it without a shout.
Perhaps his computers,
at the weather office didn’t figure this one out.



3 Responses to It Rained Today!

  1. lynnette-net says:

    It rained today here too! When I was in the chemistry lab! Putting acids and stuff 🙂


  2. S Basu says:

    good one. heaven help if a chemistry lab’s roof leaks.

    you have noted it too, i too have noticed that birds fall silent during rain and start chirping again when it stops. 🙂


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