Secret Inside

How often we have stood before a painting and wondered about the artist’s intent! Here is a beautifully simple piece and the artist’s take, no less beautiful.

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
While the secret sits in the middle and knows.
– Robert Frost

“…This is a new painting, in size about 11″ square on paper…I call this piece Secret Inside.

I really didn’t know what to think of this piece after I painted it. All of the elements fell into place strictly from a compositional standpoint, without a lot of rumination over meaning or intent. They simply worked in the context of the scene. It wasn’t until I had time to step back and study it for a bit that it started to reveal its meaning to me. Or at least what it means to me. You might see it differently.

I began to see the interior scene as the secret self, the part of us that we seldom expose to the outer world, which is seen out the window. The guitar represents our hidden self-expression and creativity. The painting on the wall (looks suspiciously like one of mine) represents the desire for beauty and the book on the table, the desire for knowledge. The empty bottle symbolizes our weaknesses, our vices. Perhaps the desire to forget.

The table shows what might be seen illuminated in a glimpse from the outside and the overall darkness of the interior reveals itself as that dark part of us that is never visible to the outer world. Or which we hope is never visible.
As I’ve said many times before here, this is only my personal take on this. You might see something completely different, perhaps something much less symbolic or you might see it as something darker, more sinister.
It all depends on your own secrets inside…”

It’s GC Myers again working his magic with amazing simplicity! Check it out at

Many thanks to him for kindly letting me carry it here and spread the joy!


4 Responses to Secret Inside

  1. lynnette-net says:

    awesome analysis!


  2. S R Kannan says:

    That was nice piece and a revelation.
    I always thought that one painted around a theme and not provide expalantions/interpretations later like our Stock analysts. Now I understand the genesis of modern art. In this case, the artist doesn’t have to think of interpretations. Self-annointed intellectual viewers provide them by dozens.


  3. S Basu says:

    thanks for sharing the inside story, thats a beautiful painting, simple yet attractive.


  4. treegestalt says:

    Definitely thinking going on here… Putting a window next to a painting. The table with wine and a book (the mind’s bread). But the artist was just putting things in because they ‘belonged.”

    So, whose thinking? “Nobody’s?” “Thoughts thinking themselves?”


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