Connecting The Dots

Four over hundred words on ‘Seek’ in response to Aheila’s challenge at:

It took them an hour to get there, walk into a shop to make a purchase.

Far away,

It was an outer suburb, not the one where purchases were customarily made.  And the time, noon.

There were less than three items – in fact, just one item in the purchase.

The charge was twenty-eight times the average made over the last six months and the category, never bought before in the period.

Crunch, crunch…something the fuzzy logic would never  miss – the syndrome.    

Behemoth paused its sifting and matching for a tenth of a microsecond to sound off – the card was certainly not kosher.


PS: This is about a back-end computer applying predefind rules to detect a fraudulent use of a credit-card in real-time.


5 Responses to Connecting The Dots

  1. Alyssa says:

    LOL, as a hopeless gamer I read Behemoth and immediately thought of a series called Fall Out. It fit with this picture, 😉

    Thank you for the drabble! good read.


  2. tskraghu says:

    Tks. I considered IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ in reverse. When I got ‘Peed’ something, quickly settled for ‘Behemoth’ without thinking too much!


  3. Aheïla says:

    I think I’ll have to read it again when I’m not that tired. My brain just won’t connect the dots. 😉


  4. tskraghu says:

    It is about a computer in the back-office applying pre-defined rules to detect fraudulent use of a credit-card! Added a PS.


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