Sweet Painted Lady – A Sonnet

Ain’t nobody’s damn right to judge my heart,

To guess the whys of things I gotta do,

That ‘cause I walk the streets I’m just a tart.

They can’t see from my sacred point of view.

Got calluses from these damn three-inch heels.

I stink from filthy men I’m s’pposed to please

Who, with rough touches, my self-worth will steal

Then toss me crumpled bills to find release.

The haughty turn away when they pass by.

They snicker, whisper loud, “She’s sold her soul.”

But in my deep-part, truth reminds me why:

My body is not me, my spirit’s whole.

I ain’t whoring for drugs or my own joy.

His daddy split. I’m caring for my boy.


This soulful piece inspired by an identically titled song of Elton John is reproduced here with the author’s kind permission. Visit http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/sweet-painted-lady-a-sonnet/ for more.


One Response to Sweet Painted Lady – A Sonnet

  1. mish says:

    Ah ! I was moved by this piece which I read on the author’s blog ! Thought-provoking … and delivered in a direct and matter-of-fact voice !


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