Many A Sip Between The Cup And The Lip

It’s five over hundred on ‘Sip’ in response to Aheila’s challenge at: slip/

‘A sip on an average is about 25 milliliters

The key question is: Who is your target customer? Fortunately, for you, our research has thrown up an unambiguous answer.’

The market-research consultant was enjoying the center-spot.

‘It’s the big tall guy. He sips more. With a large sip-size, the low oro-sensory exposure per unit consumption delays the sense of satiation. He goes for more refills.’

The Chief jumped in glee cutting him short: ’Stop right there, that’s more than what I wanted.’

The tagline was now ‘Get high on our Chai’ along with pictures of vertically endowed.

Non sequitur? Didn’t cross his mind for a moment.


Oops, too late to call back, we were challenged on ‘slip.’ The goof-up, I assure you, was inadvertent.


(Inspired by the findings in a study by Department of Food Science, New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University)


3 Responses to Many A Sip Between The Cup And The Lip

  1. Ryan says:

    Ha! An inadvertent slip? Doubtful since you’re too clever to let that happen. Very good, tskraghu!


  2. mish says:

    I agree with Ryan ~ a carefully formulated scenario … very smart !


  3. Aheïla says:

    *laughs* Nice slip. No disqualification required. 😉


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