A 100 words on ‘Secret’:

The low hum of the air-conditioner filled the room when the voices paused.

The secret rat-hole had to be found. Where were the locker-keys?

He lay on the bed motionless and speechless; did he hear them, understand their gestures? The eyes did move, never on them. Beseechingly looking now and then at the machine – if he was complaining about shivering cool, he wasn’t getting anywhere.

They were standing around him, beads of sweat forming over their foreheads.

These are days of slipshod workmanship – they didn’t think much about the panel of the air-conditioner left not sitting snugly in its place.



2 Responses to Secret

  1. S R Kannan says:

    Unfortunately the last item they are likely to fight over and then find the moola after all bloodshedding


  2. trisha says:

    very true.


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