Here are 100 words and two on ‘Paint’:

The theme was to ‘paint something(s) always in place, visible sometimes, sometimes not.’

Now, to pick a winner. Yes, the envelopes.

The first envelope was opened. It said: ‘Obscuring object(s) may not be man-made.’

Curtained-window, 40-footer-blocking-house, Masked-face…had to go.

The second envelope qualified: ’Obscured object(s) may not be man-made.’

Airplane-behind-clouds, House-behind-large-palm-frond…bowed out.

The third envelope declared: ‘The obscured object(s) may not be visible at high noon.’

Mist-shrouding-mountain-peak was kept aside.

The winner was

A painting showing a farmer and his little son in a corn field under a blazing sun. A small bubble carried the son’s query: ‘Dad, where did the stars go?’


This is in response to a weekly drabble challenge hosted at


7 Responses to Paint

  1. Alyssa says:

    Very cute. 🙂 Well done.


  2. tara tyler says:

    that was great =)
    I liked the elimination process.


  3. mish says:

    … and the chosen winner was definitely the most deserving …


  4. Aheïla says:

    Sometimes the things most deserving our attention are the simplest ones.


  5. S R Kannan says:

    Amazing how you think of these.
    But first one is not man made and the mist will hide peak at noon?
    I am mssing something


  6. tskraghu says:

    It is assumed that mist will melt away before high-noon!


  7. trisha says:

    brilliant, i was unable to guess it too 🙂


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