Old Charlie Said ‘Now This Won’t Do’

Here is a poem with a charm of its own, without resorting to complex imagery – it’s taken with thanks from ‘The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn’ at http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com.

Something ‘Bout A Glitch

Old Charlie went to Motel 6
He thought he’d spend the night
He heard them bragging on TV
How they’d leave on a light

The night clerk told him, yessiree
We’ve got a room for you
We even left the light on
So you can see what e’er you do

Charlie said, won’t need the light
Just gotta get some sleep
But I knew you left it on, he said
I seen it on TV

Well, Charlie hit the sack and then
Looked over at the light
Now this won’t do, he said aloud
I’ll be awake all night

Old Charlie he searched high and low
Said something ‘bout a glitch
It looks as though this lamp here
Hasn’t got a switch

He called the night clerk on the phone
And told him ‘bout the trouble
The guy just laughed and then he said
I sure hate to burst your bubble

But yes, he said, the light is on
Laughed so hard it made him cough
We said we’d leave it on for you
We never said we’d turn it off


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


4 Responses to Old Charlie Said ‘Now This Won’t Do’

  1. Looks good! I’m glad you enjoyed this little poem of mine. If your readers enjoy it, too, they can see more of my poems and stories on my blog. Thanks!


  2. Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and writing poems very much. It’s very relaxing. Thanks again.

    An Easter Poem


  3. trisha says:

    your poems are outstanding!


  4. tskraghu says:

    Kindly visit ‘The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn’ at http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com for more stuff like this.


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