Well, it was a challenge crunching all of it. Here it is with a couple of words over 100:

The arcane inscription – it took months to crack. Well, almost.

No man or animal had ever stepped into the cave in the living memories.

The lure of the riches, the daring…made a heady cocktail.

At the far end, a small hall – at its entry, backing on him, it stood blocking his way. He would’ve sworn the man was real. A minor god standing as a guard?

Pushing the wooden figurine aside, he entered.

There it was – mounds of gold nuggets, rock-sized diamonds…

In a daze he stepped up to feel it in his hands.

He couldn’t – his legs were turning into wood.


Thanks to for the challenge.


4 Responses to Lure

  1. Elmi says:

    Oh, this is such a nice concept! Love the ending, it’s a nice twist. No wonder no one has ever stepped into the cave…


  2. Ryan says:

    I have to agree with Elmi. The lure was irresistible, poor guy. Great take on the prompt.


  3. mish says:

    Ah , the irresistible lure of riches ! It has been the downfall of many a mortal being from the beginning of time … it’s an age-old story … and nothing has changed ! It’s still prevalent in modern society …


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