A 100-word drabble on ‘Name’:

‘Why these ants don’t have names like us?’

‘Is it important to tell one from the other?’

‘It would be, for them.’

‘There’re too many – we’ll run out of names.’

‘We can always call them Anty1, Anty2…’

‘We call out someone by name to draw his attention for some reason. What, with them?’

‘Do we need a reason? We can always talk to them.’

‘Ants hear only vibrations.’

‘So, we tap it out.’

‘They don’t understand enough to respond to names.’

The sugar bowl moved squashing an ant.

‘You would be careful if there was a name. Won’t you?’


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7 Responses to Name

  1. mish says:

    And we really do underestimate these tiny creatures , yet we can learn so much from them … and in their world , they probably have a system of identification ~~ reminds me of the animated movie Ant Bully , check it out , it’s a thought-provoking look at humans from the ants point of view . 🙂


  2. Jacqui says:

    I love this. Edward O. Wilson, the naturalist who probably knows more about ants than any other scientist, would love this, too.


  3. Ryan says:

    I agree with Mish, but if they don’t have names or other means of knowing each other, how sad! Really fun drabble!


  4. Kannan says:

    Excellent. An identity makes so much difference.


  5. lynnette-net says:

    Hahaa yes, a fun fun drabble!


  6. trisha says:

    you have absolutely changed your style. loved the post.


  7. Sharmishtha says:

    fantastic question raghu, why dont ants have name? then again, may be they have, after all we dont know their language, do we?

    enjoying a super long new year vacation?


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