I Like My Rainbows

‘This is the land you only dream about. You’re most welcome to Bliss.

‘Thank you. What’s special about it?’

‘Well, for starters, there is no disease and no death.’

‘Wow, what more can one (not?) ask for!’

‘And, no sleep.’

‘No sleep? That would make one dull and tired?’

‘No fears. They’re always fresh. That’s not all. There is no ageing. Youth is forever. There are no children or old men.’

‘No brats, no cough..cough, this must be heaven!’

‘There’s no hunger or thirst.’

‘What, no chana-bhatura, masala-dosa, bhel, sandesh, falooda, filter-coffee, etc., etc.?’

‘As I said earlier, here they don’t eat or drink. And they have no need to.’

‘Could’ve been arranged better – they should have retained hunger and thirst, instead, and ensured food for every palate could be had very freely.’

‘Everyone – men and women – is single and beautiful. No spouses or other relations. Everyone is a friend.’

‘Ah, stop right there, where do I sign? Hey, one moment, how can everyone be beautiful? We know we’re not ramp-grade.’

‘We give you a new face and body that are beautiful.’

‘That’s awesome. Another thing – how does one move about?’

‘For transportation, you just float to wherever you will. No horses, carts and other contraptions you have down there.’

‘Just like that? Wonderful! Hassle-free! Fuel-efficient and pollution-free too. I would give my life to know how…’

‘Everyone always remains joyous.’

‘Tell me what do they do with themselves?’

‘They sing and dance. Remember, they don’t have a living to earn.’

‘But surely there is a life to live. They can’t be singing and dancing all day. What else? I must tell you I’m not one for music.’

‘Well, no newspaper, magazines, books, TV, movies, cell phones, debates and discussions, theories and practices to soak you up – if that’s what you’ve in mind.’

‘You’re not serious?’

‘Here they’re blissful without these props. You can see for yourself. May I remind you that many of these ‘essentials’ are of only recent vintage in your lives down there.’

‘I’m sure when we didn’t have these around, our life down there was much more than simply song and dance.’

‘Look at it, much of your short history is all about usurping someone else’s land and property. Here you use whatever is, there’s nothing to grab for yourself. It’s like your rooming hotel except you don’t pay for it. And extend the concept to all your ‘needs’.’

‘Interesting, I must admit. I take you on the other statement of yours. Feuds and fights were not the only preoccupation. Our pursuit of knowledge – we’ve come far though it’s still a long road ahead.’

‘You’re not far off from the starting block yet.’

‘If it is all song and dance, how do you explain the advancements like instant locomotion, nil aeging and all that?’

‘I didn’t say that’s all they do.’

‘Then, you have some guys working on science and technology and physiology?’

‘You got it wrong. No one ‘works’ on it. It’s all a matter of the mind. And, it’s up to you.’

‘I’m not sure if I understand.’

‘Let me try. Back there, you’re encumbered by your body. You could in one instant imagine yourself on the moon. But your body holds you down. Also your omni-directional thinking is another handicap. You only have to look at the successes you have had with lasers.’

‘So what happens here?’

‘Here you’re basically consciousness with happy thoughts swirling in it. With fewer around, the thoughts pack more energy drawing from consciousness. And the body follows thoughts. There are other worlds more advanced – where bodies are no longer necessary, thoughts are completely stilled back into consciousness, like a sun with no solar flares. And finally, where the individual consciousness merges with the universal.’

‘You mean there are more ‘brain-dead’ worlds to find?’

‘You talk in jest. We prefer to consider these as highly evolved states of mind.’

‘Sounds much like the meditation mumbo-jumbo we have back there?’

‘Yes, we know, they are struggling with it like a baby in a crib with its toy.’

‘And how do I become one of you?’

‘This is where the head-band comes handy. I missed telling you – we fit you out with a head-band. The band deconstructs your vasana’s by shouting them down with preferred thoughts. And, prepares you for life here. Once you’re ready, it is taken off. And you’ll be one of them, perfectly blissful as they’re.’

‘Some kind of conditioning?’

‘Could we say ‘orientation’? I’ve shown you all. Well, can we conclude now?’

‘That was an awesome display and the spin to go with it. I must say. But I’m not sure…the laser may have its uses alright, I like my rainbows.’


Vāsanā (Sanskrit; Devanagari: वासना) may be non-technically rendered into English with the following semantic field: past impressions, impressions formed; the impression of anything in the mind, the present consciousness formed from past perceptions, knowledge derived from memory; thinking of, longing for, expectation, desire, inclination. (Source: Wiki)


One Response to I Like My Rainbows

  1. trisha says:

    wonderful, enjoyable and thought provoking raghu.


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