The Candle

Here’s Bond-like action in a 100-word drabble on ‘The Candle’!

A stray moth flitted elusively outside the playful grasp of the child.

The lights went out quite suddenly.

The child bawled out.

She swore against unknown company officials.

He groped for the candle and the match-box. About a dozen match-sticks lost their heads and the candle lit up.

The child fell quiet.

The moth commenced its dance of death to climax in a fiery end.

A sudden gust of wind took the flame out.

The moth rested somewhere.

She swore again.

‘These things happen. Don’t fret,’ he said, reaching for the match-sticks.

The company made final checks to restore power.



One Response to The Candle

  1. trisha says:

    good one 🙂


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