Here’s another Drabble (a 100-word piece) on ‘Edge’:

Boundary, border, limit…call me whatever, I’m the Edge, sharply running across or thick and fuzzy. Rod-like rigid or elastic as rubber. Often impenetrable, sometimes a child could walk over! Physical and at times, magically in the mind!

Life for me isn’t easy – always tense, stretched between black and white, joy and sorrow, penury and plenty, life and death, sanity and otherwise…the chief reason for land not being all water, for a circle being a circle.

Tell me, am I the divisive and the war mongering, or a watchful sentinel laboring hard to keep the labels, nay, the sides in check?



6 Responses to Edge

  1. gopal says:

    A perfect grey area for this imperfect grey matter to ponder on


  2. hearandlearn says:

    Hello! First timer here! I’m not much for the longer writings, short attention span, but your two drabbles, Edge and Ghost, are great! I definitely enjoyed them! TC Don


  3. Sanjay says:

    Reminds me of Robert Frost’s line “Good fences make good neighbours”.


  4. Kannan says:

    How perceptive! But, except for Life and Death, we mostly dwell in shades of grey.


  5. trisha says:



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