A Drabble On Ghost

Here’s a drabble – a story in 100 words – on ‘Ghost’:

I was quite disturbed when the house was demolished – never mind it was nothing more than an abandoned warehouse. I clung to my dear life in a tree that mercifully wasn’t hacked down at the far end.

When I saw the glitzy shopping mall coming up, my spirits lifted up. 

And then came the anti-ghost resonators planted everywhere. Quite the unexpected.

This was my home and no human or even my kind can persuade me to move away.

It was time to make the moves.

The traffic-lights are fast gaining notoriety for their prankish ways. Bad snarls outside the mall…



8 Responses to A Drabble On Ghost

  1. Tara Tyler says:

    I love your ghost’s revenge!


  2. lynnette-net says:

    Great writing! And great blog too!


  3. gopal says:

    Loved it..In the childhood one has enjoyed “Ghost who walks” Now this one who creates “mischief “..


  4. I love this, you take an unusual approach to the Ghost, and you’re writing really helps you to visualise being in the tree overlooking the scene, and the ‘glitzy shopping mall’ – you even give the traffic lights an angry personality – I love it! 🙂


  5. Aheïla says:

    Welcome to the drabble challenge! I’m glad you joined us. I like your poltergeist approach. We get that he’s pissed. 😉


  6. Sanjay says:

    Hmm. Is that why I find crazy traffic outside Nirmal Mall in
    Mulund ?? Your surprise ending was good.


  7. Kannan says:

    How naughty. Environmentalists should know what they are causing with their idealism.


  8. trisha says:

    serves them right for harassing the ghost.


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