Can I just buy some stamps?

Part 2: I don’t get…

That evening I actually wrote 6 post cards. The next morning, while having breakfast at the Bahiha, I asked for change again. I had my 27 Cordobas ready to buy my 3 extra stamps. After I ate I went over to my hotel and found Humberto behind the counter. I announced that I needed 3 more stamps and watched in near disbelief as he slid down the counter, put on his postmaster hat and then announced as though he hadn’t heard a word I had said.

Humberto: How can I help you?

Me: (…OK, I’ll play along) I need three stamps.

Humberto: I’m sorry, it is Sunday, the post office is closed.

Argh!!! Are you kidding me? Why didn’t he just tell me that before he put on his stupid hat? What is wrong with this guy?…

Me: No, seriously, I need 3 stamps. Look, I even have correct change.

Humberto: No, the post office is closed today. You must come back tomorrow.

Me: What’s the point? Just sell me the stamps! I’m your customer!

Humberto: The post office is closed, there is nothing I can do.

Jeff stood nearby laughing and said, “Forget it dude, just buy the stamps tomorrow.”

I agreed and as we walked off I vented to him. It made no sense at all.

(To be contd.)


One Response to Can I just buy some stamps?

  1. trisha says:

    what a disgusting creature!


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