Out To Watch ‘The Movie Of The Decade’ – Impressions

Part 3

My wife did not appear entertained as the movie lacked any large scale drama with the usual quota of turns and twists. I somehow liked it for the very same reasons!

There was no a) father lying on deathbed extracting promises with dear ones standing all around in tears and a solitary violin going loud and sad, b) a comely bride stoically suffering at the hands of the in-laws, c) speeding cars on hair-pin bends d) guys chomping on raw sugarcane and spitting out or e) gun toting baddies sent flying through the air by a mere toe contact or variations thereof. My wife interjected these were time-worn, demode, passe. She did not elaborate on what were the current templates in place of the above.

It was all about a boy and a girl growing up together and fond of each other. The boy wants to tie the knot with her. The girl doesn’t know her mind. At one time it is ‘Never let me foolishly drift away from you, please’ and at other times ‘I need my space’.

There were breaks all around starting with the title: dishes break on finding the floor or meeting the walls, the same with ashtrays and flower-vases; their relationship breaks up from ‘engaged’ to ‘friends’. There were breaks of the other kind too – the girl gets a break bagging an international acting assignment, the boy breaks away from his father’s mould and into the league of restaurateurs (restaurant owners). The one significant exception: The duo does not break into a duet in the entire length of the film as far as I could recall.

Guys and gals all showed up as weak, fallible, vulnerable and likeable – shades of Wodehouse.

Most scenes were framed around the two. It might be slow and boring to some. For me it was refreshingly different from what I see in the ‘action packed’ or ‘emotion-laden’ snatches on the TV, though it was a missed opportunity, I thought, to have invested more depth and credibility without the usual melodrama to the somewhat light and frothy treatment.

The one thought that stood out in my mind from what I had seen: If this is what it takes to woo and marry a girl – energy, application, technique and perseverence – most of us would never stand a chance in our lives! Thank the Lord for arranged marriages!

Suspecting I was well on the way to announce ‘Break Ke Baad’ as the ‘The Movie of the Year.’ my wife hastened to caution me this wasn’t the first of its kind in recent times. I did better by declaring it as the ‘The Movie of the Decade’…… after all this was the one movie I saw at a movie-hall in all of the decade coming to close on 31st Dec of 2010!



11 Responses to Out To Watch ‘The Movie Of The Decade’ – Impressions

  1. trisha says:

    this is the latest theme of hindi movies- but the end is inevitably marriage 🙂


  2. trisha says:

    you wrote the experience very beautifully, so vividly that i could see it through your memoir. 🙂


  3. Gunwant Agarwal says:

    I am continuously laughing after reading this..


  4. Harish Govind says:

    Hi Sir, Your write up reminds me of the fact that it has been ages (read years) since I landed up at a movie hall. The last was with my son for a movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy or apology or some such thing…… and what a contrast from the early days when I used to take the little tyke for movies. By the time we went for this movie he had grown up……and this was one movie where I was constantly asking him as to what was happening every now and then……I couldn’t follow a word ! He had read the book/s a zillion times and was just waiting for the release of the movie. A terrible movie that……after that he has been too embarassed to take me for movies.
    Anyway coming back to your ‘movie of the decade’ – did you not miss the Films Division INR ? INR ? Yes – Indian News Review with a melancholic tune and concentric ciricles at the start……and of course when we used to hit the movie halls as collegians in Bangalore – which was every Saturday to escape inorganic chemistry, the ‘The End’ board of the INR used to draw huge applauses……
    I certainly miss the old Hollywood blockbusters of the yore in a theatre. These days the best I do is to catch the old classics on TCM…..last Sunday saw me catching up with ‘How the West was Won’……..
    Thanks for the write up – many fond memories from the dark hall, numerous INRs, with a greasy vegetable puff in the hand……post the interval and yes the fluttering Tricolour and national anthem at the end !


  5. gopal says:

    Just when I was wondering what happened to the movie , it emerged in part 3..From the way you have been excited by the current days movie ,I am sure more three part posts are likely to appear..


  6. tskraghu says:

    Quite likely, one more time in the next decade!


  7. trisha says:

    no new posts? was hoping one. will be waiting.


  8. tskraghu says:

    Have not been able to complete a couple that I started on. Am afraid might take a week or two more.


  9. Jingle says:

    know here via Trisha,

    keep writing..
    Merry Christmas!


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