Out To Watch ‘The Movie Of The Decade’ – Impressions

Part 2

They cannot see or hear you while you can. No one can tap you on your shoulders or hold you by the scruff of your neck and neither you. You could still mingle, travel, live with people, and be where things happen and remain untouched. Who would you be? Most certainly a ghost, won’t you agree, from whatever we’ve been led to believe about ghosts? Why am I turning a poor unsuspecting you into a ghost which you’re clearly not? Kindly stay with me, I’ll clear it up right away.

All I’m saying is seeing a movie is very much the same thing – you sneak into the scenes of a different world, unobserved, unheard and untouched and watch the show. Well, if that doesn’t make you a ghost…So it is little wonder you look ashen, dazed and other-worldly when you troop out at the end of a show. Of course it is another matter that some of these movies may be giving even the ghosts the fright of their lives(?).

And it takes a while for you to shed your ghostly coil and return fit in faculties to the world of flesh and blood. Here is where the discerning would see the design reaching great heights- in metaphorical as well as in physical sense! These halls, I’m told, are customarily perched, by precision design, on one of those higher floors to give you just the time needed for recovery, as you trudge several floors down by half-width stairs to the street level. It’s all worked out to the minute using computers. If you think about it, you’ll figure out it’s the same design principle applied when they make you walk a mile after disembarking from the plane to the baggage collection at any airport of the newer kind; and when you reach the baggage collection, your suitcases regard you disdainfully as a hopeless laggard, having already made several rounds on the belt unclaimed.

Quite neat, eh? All, achieved by the simple expedience of putting the right distance between two points! In fact I would go so far as to urge scientists, engineers, sociologists, economists et al to consider this as a possible solution to many problems proving to be otherwise intractable in their respective fields.

I’m digressing – let me come back to us. Working to the design, the color was back on our cheeks, pupils in the center of our eyes and feet on the ground as we climbed down five floors and spilled out on to the street, leaving behind all ghostly resemblances. As we picked our way out I noticed something unusual – the way out took us right through the belly of a shop in the mall selling dresses! It was quite an innovative way of luring the affluent, discharged from the hall above (does that make them the effluent?) at the end of every show into seeing the goods on display. Full marks to the architect who conceived it or adapted from the west! Or, perhaps it was discovered serendipitously by the ’pioneers’ specially invited to the maiden show at the hall as the only route available to them – short of scaling the walls, breaking glass or squeezing through trap-doors – at the end of the show to reach the street and their homes. I was in no frame of mind to ask around whose doing it was – the innovative architect or the unstoppable ‘pioneers’.

We were lucky to have the first auto that I flagged down mercifully consenting to take us back to Chembur. Only when we settled down as much as the three-wheeler would let us and were hurling past Kala Nagar in the easy Sunday traffic, the conversation opened up on the movie.

(To be contd.)


One Response to Out To Watch ‘The Movie Of The Decade’ – Impressions

  1. trisha says:

    these halls are cut-throats, starting from rate of tickets to rate of other things in there 🙂


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