The Techies Don’t Close…

Part 4

It was with a puffed up chest that I came into the office and made a beeline to the boss’s cabin to report on the successful trip, disproving the widely held view: The techies don’t close deals. They fall woefully short on the tricks and techniques needed for the same while they could be good at technical selling.

I sported a victor’s visage unabashedly when Anil returned to the office on the following Monday. Before he could settle down in his seat I was all over him with a blow-by-blow account of my trip, encouraged by Anil punctuating and prodding my narration with regularly spaced ‘and then?’

After a couple of re-runs, it was time for Anil to call up Mr. Dubey and apologize for his inability to visit; also, to thank him for forwarding his recommendations in our favor. As Mr. Dubey was not at his desk, he reached out to Mr. Pawar, his deputy – a useful secondary source I was entirely innocent of.

Mr. Dubey, we learnt, was served with transfer orders on Monday last – the day before I had met him; and with immediate effect he was no longer authorized to make any recommendations or take any decisions. Until the new incumbent assumed charge – it was not known who and when – all matters were in a deep-freeze.

And, Mr. Dubey had cleared out over the week-end.

Quite strangely, I felt sorry for him.

Well, the widely held view that the techies don’t close deals was reinstated without any impairment.



2 Responses to The Techies Don’t Close…

  1. trisha says:

    people who use their brain for livelihood are not at all good in commerce (mostly); you will find very rare combination of brain+shrewdness or brain+manipulating power.

    your stories are so real.


  2. Sanjay says:

    I can identify with the situation, and especially like your phrase “……instantaneously create highly imaginative shame-and-guilt-free planks “. Havent we all seen street-smart sales guys like these.

    Good piece.


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