What Do You Bring To The Feast?

Here’s the second piece from http://storytellerscampfire. wordpress.com/ – a story told in versions from Africa and from Europe:

A great Feast was to be held at a certain village where the Chief hoped to unify his far flung kingdom. Each guest was asked to contribute one calabash of palm wine to the communal pot.

There was one man who felt that had not fared as well as his neighbors that year and begrudged the offering. He thought to himself that since hundreds of guests would pour their wine into the pot, one calabash of water, discreetly added, could hardly spoil the wine.

The day of the Feast came and the guests gathered. There was music and dancing. Each guest a poured the contents of their calabash into the chief’s large earthen pot. The man greeted the chief, made his ‘contribution’ and joined in the festivities.

A great feeling of anticipation and celebration was in the air.

Then came the moment to drink a toast and invoke blessings for The Feast.

The chief stirred the pot. Then, dipping his drinking gourd into the mixture, he raised the liquid to his lips.

A look of shock on the Chief’s face quickly turned to sadness, for what he tasted was not wine, but pure, clear water.

Each guest believed that HIS one calabash of water would not spoil the great pot of good palm wine.

What will WE bring to the Feast?



2 Responses to What Do You Bring To The Feast?

  1. gopal says:

    What a story..Life s like that,most of the times !!


  2. trisha says:

    A very thought provoking story. if we look around us, we will see that life really is sometimes like that.

    we all think “whats the harm in doing one wrong. after all i am the only one doing it.”

    then when the net result becomes visible…..


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