Would you pass up a chance to earn more?

Part 2

When Ram came out to the street, it was already dark; the traffic had thinned out to an occasional car passing by. The office complex touted as the Technology Park was in the middle-of-nowhere well outside the city. It was usual for organizations housed in the complex to ferry in and out their employees by buses on private contract. In off-hours such as this it was a good twenty-five minutes walk to the bus terminus or one got lucky with an auto (three-wheeler). He was in no mood to walk.

On this day, Ram’s luck held up. Sighting an auto, free of any fare, rolling by, he frantically flagged it down and rushed to it as it stopped a few feet ahead.

‘To the bus terminus.’

’No, Sir. It’s already late. Am returning home. Look for another auto.’

‘It’s only 10 minutes to the bus terminus. Drop me there and then go home.’

He thought for a moment at this.

‘If I take you to the bus terminus, you know I’ll have to return without fare – no one comes in at this time.’

‘If that bothers you, I’ll pay you extra for return.’

‘Sir, pay me sixty rupees in total.’

‘Sixty rupees to the bus terminus? Shouldn’t be anything more than fifteen rupees?’

‘Sir, leave me, I was going home. You stopped me. Try another auto.’

‘Sandarpam kidaccha vidamaattingale panam karakkarudhukku.’
(‘You all won’t miss a chance to extract money.’)

‘Enna, Sir, ungakitta samabithichhu veeda kattaron? Rendu kaasu sambatikkarathai neenga viduveengala?’
(What, Sir, we build houses from the money we earn from you? Would you pass up a chance to earn more?’)

Muttering some unmentionables to himself, he got in.



2 Responses to Would you pass up a chance to earn more?

  1. trisha says:

    Well, no one lets go a chance for earning some extra bucks it seems. 🙂


  2. tskraghu says:

    Right, somewhere it’s crude, and elsewhere it is sophisticated. All the same…


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