It’s The Princess’s Wish

Part 4

Overcome with the relief that they had a solution, however tricky, on hand, they did not speak about it until they had returned to the palace in the evening.

‘Princess, I’ve been thinking about it. Now we cannot wish for him to be blinded by a lightning…’

‘Or for a cobra to impress its fangs on him, Thaathi Ma, without me too suffering the fate.’

‘Princess. There must be a way out and you would know – that’s what the Priest had indicated.’

‘Perhaps he is crediting me for more than what I am.’

‘Hey, suppose, instead of wishing for a mishap, you simply say ‘I don’t want to marry Ugrasena’?’

‘Thaathi Ma, the Prince can’t be wishing ‘I don’t want to marry Ugrasena?’ So it is not a valid wish – you understand?

‘You mean, when the wish is granted to the Prince verbatim, it is not compensated even for the change in gender?’

‘Yes, that’s what the Priest gave us to understand. A simple and straight-forward ‘I don’t want to marry’ is also not valid as it does not have him as the subject/object.’

‘Perish the thought, Princess, of not marrying.’

Thaathi Ma was stymied, but not for long.

‘This one would fix the Prince for sure. What if you say ‘I want to marry a stranger’? He is not a stranger to you. And it’s quite alright for the Prince to wish as much. We would then have him exactly where we wanted him. Oh…Oh, again, it does not include him as the subject.’

‘You got it, Thaathi Ma.’

‘Ok, How about ‘We, Mandakini and Ugrasena, do not want to marry.’ That’s valid for him to wish though he wouldn’t and he is a subject?’

‘I cannot be one of the subjects. Also I cannot wish for two of us.’

‘We’ve to think of him as the sole subject/object. Can’t think bad of him as it would apply to you too. He wouldn’t change his stripes for the better. This is getting tricky. But not to worry, we’re almost there, Princess. We’ll crack it in a short while.’

The ‘short while’ was not so short. They could not come up with anything satisfactory as they considered statement after statement and rejected them all as not fulfilling the priest’s conditions.

There was only one interruption in the evening when a maid brought in dinner and informed Kammu had peeped in earlier in the day. Not finding the Princess, she had left for the day – her brother and babhi (sister-in-law) were visiting.

For some reason, her mind kept going back to her exchange with Kammu on the feud with the latter’s troublesome uncle and the sheepish apology that followed. It was also the last thought on the Princess’s mind when she fell asleep exhausted but still clueless.

Thaathi Ma didn’t have a heart to keep her awake. She fervently hoped the Princess would somehow figure it out – the Priest had said so.

When the Princess woke up hours later after a fitful sleep, this was the Day…

(To be contd.)


One Response to It’s The Princess’s Wish

  1. trisha says:

    very, very interesting indeed. lets see what the princess does.


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