A Guru Speaks

This post is the result of applying an author’s license to what I heard years ago in a pravachan by an Acharya of a great lineage living among us today. A rationale is built up lucidly for what is common wisdom about things good:


He sought out the Guru who was an acknowledged master in meditation.

‘I want to learn meditation. Teach me how to still my mind. All kinds of thoughts, good and bad, swim in my head like fish in a tank.’

‘You want to void your mind of all thoughts? Is that all?’

‘Yes, for the present.’

‘And be a like a stone? A stone has an absolutely still mind and no life.’

‘Yes, but only in sessions.’

‘So stone-dead for twenty minutes and then back into the hustle and bustle of daily life?’

‘Yes, something like that.’

‘What can be pleasurable about a mind that does not work? If a leg doesn’t walk, isn’t that a disease?’

‘Isn’t it more like resting the leg? Every wise man before you and now living has said sessions of meditation cleanse, provide relief, liberate and elevate.’

‘You know nature abhors vacuum?’

‘Are you saying it is not possible to empty the mind?’

‘For most, an empty mind is a more unnaturally stressed state than the life’s stresses you’re seeking relief from and is easily vitiated.’


‘It’s always easier to fill your mind with good thoughts crowding out the undesirables instead of trying to void it completely of thoughts.’

‘That’s neat. But, wait – If I could will good thoughts to walk in, I might as well order all of other stuff out. Presto, I’ve emptied my mind!’

‘Most of them before you have walked away without asking – you’re alert and perhaps in need. Well, when you drive your car what do you think about?’

‘My eyes are on the road, hands on the wheel and foot on the brake. Safe driving is the upper most concern. Though occasionally the mind does drift off the road for a few moments.’

‘That’s what it is. You know it already – it’s simple. The same, with an athlete or a singer. When the mind is largely preoccupied with sensory inputs or actions, there’s very little space for other thoughts; in fact it continues to linger on long after the inputs have passed. Look up in your science books – I’m sure they would concur. So immerse yourself in seeing, hearing, speaking and doing good things in life to soak up a free-wheeling mind; also surround yourself with good people. All, do-able? Go back to your world and live your life practicing it – no need to closet yourself in tortuous postures or go to the mountains. Before long the undesirable cravings will wither away, good thoughts will become a lasting habit. Well, that’s all for the purpose you came in, I’ve nothing more to add.‘



3 Responses to A Guru Speaks

  1. Trisha says:

    I so very much agree with you. I too follow replacing thoughts with good thoughts. I (so called) meditate every day, but i simply cant be thoughtless during that period of time, so i just think about God and try to think about Her with all my concentration. Thats my limit. 🙂

    you know some thing funny, when i studied i used to sometimes get so lost in studies that i was unable to hear someone calling me or talking to me.

    may be someday i will reach that zenith in meditation too.


  2. trisha says:

    Shubho Bijoyadashami (Happy Vijayadashami)! May the Goddess shower down all her blessings on you and your loved ones, now and forever.

    Have a beautiful time ahead.


  3. GSM says:

    A beautiful content on the higher sciences. When one closes his/her eyes, the whole world is shut, from the visible objects. Thoughts do travel in mind like the clouds in the sky. When we start witnessing the thoughts, the speed of thoughts do slow down. After some practice sessions, the breathe becomes long and subtle. One can very well check the breath count. The breath count per minute reduces. One starts experiencing a state of fulfilling. It is like, for no reason, you are happy. It seems one’s inward journey has been initiated. The more you practice, the more you love to practice. Time comes, when you look forward for every opportunity to meditate. No doubt, the meditation session with an accomplished yogi is an unforgettable experience.


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